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Best Chicken Recipes

Whether you’re in search of a quick dinner or a succulent simmered-down meal, this collection has a chicken recipe for you. They’re healthy, easy to prepare, and mighty delicious.

Plates of burgers containing meat patties, tomatoes, shredded cabbage, and lettuce, decorated by parsley and a brown fabric

Ground Chicken Burger

With grilled chicken patties that are lightly smoky and deliciously juicy, this ground chicken burger recipe makes it feel like summer is just around the corner. It comes together in just half an hour—the ideal choice for an effortlessly flavorful meal.

Ground Chicken Tacos

Offering so many flavors and textures in just one bite, tacos are hands-down our favorite dish to make and enjoy at family gatherings. Today’s ground chicken tacos are loaded with crunchy romaine lettuce, tender ground chicken, tomatoes, onions, spices, and herbs—transforming the simple into the incredible.

Ground Chicken Chili

Get off to a good start with our ground chicken chili recipe, featuring juicy chicken and crunchy diced vegetables simmered in a tomato-based sauce. With no complicated skills required, preparing a hearty pot of ground chicken chili to stock up your fridge won’t be a hard nut to crack.

Chicken and Egg Salad

On days when all you crave is a refreshing salad to help lift your mood instantly, our chicken and egg salad recipe is the one for you. It includes pan-seared chicken breasts, eggs, fresh watercress, beetroot, and almonds tossed in a velvety and creamy dressing.

Alfredo Chicken Pizza

Today’s Alfredo chicken pizza recipe features tender chicken, crunchy onion, spinach, and cheese on top of an airy homemade crust. Baked until the edges are crispy and the cheese is melty, this pizza will be the staple for any party.

Almond Chicken Recipe

In today’s almond chicken recipe, our chefs will show you a healthier way to crisp up your almond-crusted chicken and sweet potato—with the assistance of a trusty air-fryer.

Chicken and Shrimp Alfredo

We pan-sear chicken breast chunks and shrimp with olive oil and paprika to give our star ingredients an eye-catching golden-brown color. Once the toppings are ready, we stir them with al dente spaghetti and creamy white sauce—all coming together seamlessly in one pan.

Chicken Paella

Are you ready for a Spanish-style chicken feast put together in less than one hour? Featuring well-seasoned chicken and fresh vegetables, our chicken Paella dish delivers complex flavors and exciting textures to your dinner table.
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