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10 Best Carrot Juice Recipes

Carrot juice seems simple—and it is—but there are so many different ways to make it a whole lot more interesting. Find some of them right here in this list.

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two glasses of carrot mango juice with a slice of carrot and a slice of mango on the rim.
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Luna Regina

Luna Regina

Writer, Author
Luna Regina is an accomplished writer and author who dedicates her career to empowering home cooks and making cooking effortless for everyone. She is the founder of and, where she works with her team to develop easy, nutritious recipes and help aspiring cooks choose the right kitchen appliances.
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  • Tracy

    Wee, looks so intriguing. Totally a must-have dessert for summer tho.
    I'll definitely give it a try at home. Big thumbs!

    • Luna Regina

      Thanks Tracy! Yes, it’s a summer must-try – all that carrot’s gonna give you a good tan!

  • Joseph

    Seems interesting. perfect for me since i'm of lazy type.
    i'm gonna try it out tonight

    • Luna Regina

      It's one of my favorite alternatives when I need immediate soothing for an aching sweet tooth 🙂

  • Denise Browning

    SO many benefits and a delicious and refreshing combo of flavors.

    • Natalie Ellis

      Yesss, You even can be creative to add more kind of fruits if you want 😉

  • audra

    Do you have to drink lots of water after drinking this juice

  • Jen

    My husband gave me a juicer for Christmas and we just tried it today for the first time using this recipe. It was delicious! Thank you for the tip re the ginger. I didn’t read this until after we juiced and we couldn’t taste the ginger. Will definitely push it through earlier in the cycle. Thank you!

    • Luna Regina

      Hi Jen, it's a pleasure to hear how you and your husband were enjoying the drink, especially on Christmas! You can’t believe how happy we are to receive this comment 😉

  • Puja jalmi
    Simply Best juice
  • Elizabeth keohitlhetse
    Iwhant thick recipe I what to make a home business thick please please